God Will Reward You by Rodney Howard Browne

Communicating with God is always an advantage and a blessing. The follower who spends time alone with his Father can expect hefty rewards. King David’s psalms regularly talk of the stillness of soul and the renewed energy that he reaped from the Lord. Rodney Howard Browne explains that our spirits are quieted in prayer so that disappointment and worry are eased away.

As our spirit is replenished, we will feel the strain seeping out of our muscles. Not even a poet like David can explain how it occurs, but the results of our worship is divine energy steaming thru these human bodies. Our feelings are refreshed too. When I am going home after a Sun. Morning sermon, I am so beat.

The ideal cure is to take a seat with the open Word and ask the Lord for a fresh sense of His presence and love. He answers those requests each time. Those answers, as well as little elbows from the Holy Spirit, serve to brace our religion. Regardless of the great rewards of passing time in God’s presence, many Christians duck it. We resist being alone with Him when we try to ignore sin in our life. But he is out to purify our hearts so we can be conformed to the picture of His Son. Rodney Howard Browne points out that if we are terrified of His correction and withstand the transformation process, our relationship will become weak.

On the other hand, a want to cope with anything that disturbs our connection to the Father earns us a closer, personal walk and the blessings that go with being his dear kid. Pastor Rodney Howard Brown teaches that time expended in His presence is always rewarded.