Anchorage Ak..ACC | Michael R Testimony

Anchorage Ak..ACC

My life was radically touched in 1992…filled with the Holy Spirit…man was I dry!!! Right away I hooked up with the Evangelist of the church Joe Mulcahy whom I’m sure Rodney remembers. We proceeded to do revivals all over the state of Alaska & into Canada. Within six months of getting filled with the Spirit…I was speaking in Rescue Missions…then Prisons..then I led classes in street evangelism…during which time we saw many supernatural events & hundreds of salvations…for the first time in 1992 the Call on my life began to make sense. In 1999 I joined Rodney in NY. I had invited a friend of my named Tim Adams to come with me who also was an Evangelist. Even though he had some judgments against Rodney from listening to Hank H. he felt like the Lord had told him to come. Well, after the 2nd night of listening to Rodney, He repented seeing Hank was wrong. We won many souls to Christ during those three weeks & got more on fire than I”d ever had before I preached on Wall Street boldly from the statue that George W. was first inaugurated as president anointed by the Spirit to warn New Yorkers of Christ return & on Rom 1:16. I also preached on a subway train one night full of New Yorkers as it stopped because of congestion…I had a captive audience!! I led a whole school yard of about 30 children to Christ…with the teachers permission of course!! Plus many one on one encounters with the Holy Spirit giving me prophetic words, words of Knowledge…etc for the people I was witnessing to. I really desire to walk in that kind of anointing daily…though I’ve been doing prisons, rescue missions, been ministering in many foreign fields, leading Sat. Soul Winning classes…etc since 1992. I’ve since moved to Florida so I’m looking forward to being a part of Rodney’s events in Cocoa Beach & Sanford. I’m so thankful to Jesus For leading to ACC in Anchorage when I was a very confused Christian mixed up in a violent marriage…true story; soon after Rodney’s meeting my wife at the time pulled a long kitchen knife on me threatening to stab me. Suddenly The Holy Spirit fell on me & I began to laugh uncontrollably. It was the Joy of the Spirit verses the hatred of the devil…” I’m going to stab you” she screamed…”stop laughing”!!…I laughed even harder..bout fell out on the floor!!!!! She finally put the knife down & smiled…the joy was too much for her. Many, many other beautiful things Jesus has done in me & through me since then…but this is enough for now. Blessings! Mike

Michael R
palm bay Florida United States