Winter Campmeeting 2008 | Tearry P Testimony

Winter Campmeeting 2008

Praise God, for people who believe that the Holy Ghost W/ fire is still for today. I was taken back to the time when I was full of fire and boldness. I hunger for the fire of God to fall afresh and anew in me. I want the fire of God to fall in my church (most don’t believe it is for them) As Senior Pastor, I want them to experience the fire of God.

Tearry P
Los Angeles California United States

Winter Campmeeting 2008 | Criss N Testimony

Winter Campmeeting 2008

Thank you. I am a hospice chaplain. I care for families who have children who are dying. I also assist the pastors in my county with hospital and home visitations. In 1999 I started a not-for-profit ministry to do this work. A few years ago, I moved to a small town in WI to help my mom who is 84. I love our time together yet miss my on fire, go-all-out church in Chicago. I have a few on fire friends here and we pray together, support and love one another. We are seeing miracles and many are being born again. Most of the townspeople think we are “freaks” “out of it” “gone” and many of the church people think we are “a little too excited.” It’s hard to contain fire. (however they do know how to find us when something is needed) I wanted to say thank you for having the campmeeting on the Internet. My prayer times with God are incredible, yet I miss the fellowship of other go-get-it believers. I too thank you for mentioning that other pastors have had death threats. I too have had those calls. I adopted a special needs child who died in my arms in 2001. His story is one of strength, courage and a love that is stronger then death. It is also a strong pro life example. I am sorry this has happened to others, but I am relieved to hear this happens to others too. I am told to “be quiet, or else.” Now, we can come against the spirit of distruction for others as well. I look forward to paticipating in one of your meetings. Eternal thanks, Chriss and Stephen who dances in my heart

Chriss N
Chetek Wisconsin United States

Winter Camp Meeting | Jean K Testimony

Winter Camp Meeting

I called your number some time back in concern for my church as to the way we used to be and the way the church is now. The lady that prayed for me told me I should pray in tongues over my church. I have prayed and prayed. I tried to call last night but I couldn’t get through. So, I claimed my church. I had taped Bro. Rodney’s message and I was so filled last night and I got up and watched him again this morning before going to church. Well, I went to church and I was so filled and I went in the prayer room and I started to leave and I went to put my hand on the door knob and I couldn’t touch it and I was so over come by the power of God that I had to set down. People recognized that I was being blessed. The assistant paster preached and the power of God was so strong in the service. I am going to continue to pray and trust God. I was in the service and I gave God control of my mind, my ears, my mouth, and my whole body. I asked the Lord to help me keep my mind on him. I was determined I would laugh if the Lord gave me laughter. I would do whatever he wanted me to do. Well, I worshiped and praised him and prayed over and over in tongues. We had a blessed service. It was awesome. I am trusting God. I let man shut me up a few years ago and I am determined I am going to please God and not man. One thing in the time that has passed my hunger for the Holy Spirit to be in control has so increased and I am not worried about what man thinks at all. My concern has also been for the younger couples and people that didn’t experience the revival years ago. I am watching your schedual to see if you will be anywhere close Maryland. God bless you and your wife and family. Thank you for your faithfulness to God and the Holy Spirit. Jean

Jean K
Pasadena Maryland United States