Winter Campmeeting 2008 | Teresa H Testimony

Winter Campmeeting 2008

Praise the Lord he healed my back and my shoulder the devil is raging and he is trying to bring it back upon me but im covered by the blood of Jesus and he cannot touch me. I want to thank all the prayer warriors and Drs. Rodney and Adonica for there prayers and for there concerns for my family, my husband and I are very Greatfull to God for his loving and obediant servants im hoping in the very near future that i can some how support the ministries of Revial that is my prayer. Praise Be to God Almighty! Thank you.

Teresa S
hamilton Ohio United States

Winter Campmeeting 2008 | Barbara Q Testimony

Winter Campmeeting 2008

Dear Brother Rodney, I watched most of the services of Friday and Saturday evenings of the Winter Camp Meeting. It was awesome. I was so encouraged by hearing the wonderful testimonies of men of God being touched, and people healed by the power of God. I also felt the precious Anointing of the Holy Spirit as I watched the tw services on the internet. I have not felt the fire yet but I am so hungry for it.Thank you so much for putting the Winter CampMeeting on the internet for us. God is so good. Oh God I am so hungry for the fire of God in my life. Please reignite the fires that burned down when I got sick and was so beaten down by the fire extinguishers and abusers in the church! Oh God please set me on fire again, with the fire of your love for souls and hurting people you love. God bless all of you. Sincerely, Barbara Quinn.

Barbara Q
Brampton Ontario Canada