Sean Liburdi Testimony

rodney howard browne

I am a greeter on Sundays and have seen many getting touched as they simply walk through the door.  This past Sunday children’s lives were getting changed as they heard the message of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.  Poverty stricken families were reached by free food and free toys which the River Church has so generously provided.  I also saw buses of people being shipped in from off the streets to come to the River since they did not have transportation to get there which is an awesome thing to see.  Some people are already smiling when they get off the buses because there are those from the church who are involved in bus ministry that teach and serve those on the buses which is very awesome and rarely seen anywhere else.  All of the people that arrive on buses are there as a result of those who take time out of their day to go out to neighborhoods that most would not enter and share the word of God.  Some churches might have a play or something and there is nothing wrong with that, but there is so much more to it than that.  to see an altar call with 300 people, which often happens at the River, means the Spirit of the Lord is moving in a huge way.  This past Sunday those who assisted at the registration tables and at the children’s church really did a great job instructing and entertaining the children of all age and there were a ton of them.  I arrived around 8:00 a.m. and there were already people standing in line waiting to be registered.  It is really awesome to see how everyone who has a job to do and does it correctly.  No matter how small it is it all comes together as a body working in unity.  In conclusion, the main and most important thing I saw was the pastor’s and my vision being fulfilled which is people giving their hearts to Jesus.  Even if it takes a toy or a free bus ride to get them there, these things are just tools to accomplish specific goals which is the free gift from God, salvation!


Sean L

Great Awakening Tour City #14 Maui, Hawaii | Angela A Testimony

Great Awakening Tour City #14 Maui, Hawaii

I spoke to 14-10 saved want to K.C.C in less than 1 hr.(College)just read the script.3 playing chess-1-a mormen,1 not a believer,all 3 confessed Jesus Christ as Lord. To simple- saw one of our youth from our church waiting for his next class-told him you need to do this- gave him the script he lead someone he never mett. before to the Lord-I was so exited, it truely built my faith, called my husband at work told him alert the exitement, he had a script in his work truel from sun.svc. and lead his unsaved friend to the Lord right at work.

Angela A
not known Hawaii United States