G.A.T. Sanford | Jim B Testimony

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My wife and I have been mega-blessed during the G.A.T. Cocoa and G.A.T. Sanford! Last night as Pastor Rodney prayed for those in full time ministry, the Holy Spirit blew out our pipes and filled us with fresh oil! Praise God! Jean & I have had the pure joy of leading 102 souls to the Lord on the streets and in a nursing home over the past 3 days. Yesterday, a fifteen year old girl in our youth group (who has never witnessed her faith publicly before) led 3 people to the Lord at Wal-Mart … one of whom was a Mormon woman! Just before sending in this praise report, our associate pastor in Cocoa called to tell me he just led a man to the Lord at the gas station while he was getting gas and the man wants to be picked up for church on Sunday ! He also told me about another guy in our Cocoa church who got ignited at the G.A.T. Cocoa (and has led more than 50 to the Lord since the G.A.T. Cocoa) … a man knocked on his door at home, explained that he had just been released from prison and asked to use the telephone. He let him in, let him use the telephone and led the man to Jesus using the gospel script! Another girl in our youth group in Deland (who has been through hell over the past few years with severe family issues) was called out of the audience at the G.A.T. Sanford on night two (she and her friend were called out together … they were sitting towards the front on the left hand side as you face the congregation) …. Pastor Rodney prayed for them and they went flying … the one girl, Stephanie, has been giddy with the joy of the Lord ever since. Her life has been changed and she is now, for the first time, speaking civilly to her step dad! Praise the Living Lord for His awesome goodness!

Jim B
DeLand Florida United States

Internet | Rodrigo T Testimony

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Thank you for the beautiful Spirit Led service this evening. The Holy Spirit had me flowing so wonderfully with the Service. How refreshing it is to experience such a free flowing of God’s Spirit into our homes. Thank you! Amazing, beautiful, refreshing, and restoring and I appreciate you all. Praying for you all. Blessings, Peace and Grace to you. Larry C Since I have been watching your programs by internet I have receive the manifestation of the holy laughter in my life and a new level of the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Rodrigo T
Valencia (No State) Venezuela

Internet | Leonardo C Testimony

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Hello, my name is Leonardo, Iā€™m 29, in 2005 I found you on the web, and God uses a lot!! And on January 14 2008, God baptized me in the power of The Holy Spirit, and one of the manifestations was talk like a drunk!!, and now I watch your programs on the net, and I feel the power when you pray, and I dance and have the joy from heaven, and one day I ask to the Lord that I want to be drunk in the Spirit, and God did it!! and I prayed to lay hands and get the people drunk, and God uses me(this sinner)and God touched the people, but I don’t know if they was drunk, but God touched the people in a great way!! Go ahead to your ministry and with the JOY OF THE LORD, there are a lot of people that need the joy. God bless you and your wife and family. Today I saw in a picture of a meeting a flag from Chile šŸ™‚ Pray for me please. God is sending the power of his Spirit at the church, and I want that God send more rain, more wind, more joy, and more fire!!!!! Thanks God that you are a ministry of revival, go ahead, God be with you!! And thanks to have videos in Spanish. PD: Sorry for my English.

Leonardo C
Valdivia (No State) Chile

Great Awakening Tour City # 24 Cocoa, Florida | Nancy W Testimony

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We went to the Nursing home one lady said she did not believe in anything but she had Jesus in her heart and we had double headers, husband and wife in the same room, also office ladies, nurses asking for prayer standing in line. My husband and I had 25 on our paper to win today. We prayed with 22 or more together. Eyes changed as we prayed. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since the Port Saint Lucie revival and the receiving of the prayers of boldness and the street ministry training and experience the Lord has led us to many people, neighbors, strangers and family have come to the Lord!!! Today the Lord had us to take authority over Psychics, Pornographic stores and nude drinking establishments. As we drove to each place we came upon a Psychic storefront where we met a former neighbor that received Christ in front of the Psychic shop. The Holy Ghost took over the prayer and we began praying for the salvation of psychic Nellie. The Holy Ghost prompted us to go in the shop, Ron told Nellie Jesus was Lord of this region and He was here to set her free. Long story short, she prayed the prayer of salvation right in her own shop and was saved.

Nancy W
Florida United States