What Winter Camp Meeting 2010 Meant to Me | Jesse Daniels Testimony

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The Winter Camp Meeting had a major impact on my life and also on the lives of my family. In July of 2009 I was watching my Revival iPOD in my brother’s house in Gorham, New Hampshire. The Holy Spirit spoke to my spirit and told me to move to Florida for RBI. To tell you the truth, I was hungry for God but Florida was not where I wanted to go. I knew I needed to be obedient. I prayed to God and said that if I’m going to RBI in Florida then it would have to have an effect on my whole family. As a result of that prayer my brother who lives in North Carolina came to The Minister’s Conference back in October and it was a huge turning point in his life. Only the future will reveal what will come forth from those meetings.

Once that week was over I called my mom and told her she needed to come to camp meeting in January for vacation. It was only by the grace of God my Mom and Dad made it to RMI Winter Campmeeting 2010! Hallelujah! It was such an awesome experience to spend time with my parents in the presence of God.

The messages on righteousness and even the reproving that came forth is what we all needed to hear. I believe that what took place during that power-packed week was what God used to get me and my family where we need to be for what is coming in the future.

I know my Mom finally got the breakthroughs she had for years been believing God for. My Dad got back home and went to church. He told the pastor about it and now the pastor wants to come to the next event. The bottom line is that what happened at Campmeeting will have far- reaching effects even unto eternity.

Brazilian Great Awakening Tour City #27 Orlando FL | Diana T Testimony

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Guy James received Jesus- got set free from condemnation- could see transformation Lady at police officier-after prayer she said lin a Christian 85 years old lady saw me and saw something different(good) in my face. We pray and she accepted the Lord. 90 years spanic lady in spanish One man yes I’m not saved Yes I want to be saved! Spanish man I pretty sure I wouldn’t go to Heaven-Went from serious look to smiling! It’s a blessing you’re out here because there’s a lot of people that need to hear this, many lost people that need to hear this. Soulwinner 16 yrs old.

Diana T
unknown Florida United States

Brazilian Great Awakening Tour City #27 Orlando FL | Patty W Testimony

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Went to Mt Dera nursing home I had two clients there, had dine wilb, BOA & medical planning I knew both needed Jesus. Both would refuse prayer in past visits. One would read only Harry Potter books and refused to accept Jesus though her brother had tried for years to lead her to Christ. Nurse ashed her and she wanted prayer bc she always refused prayer in past. I interrupted and said Hi Betty how are you? Good to see you-told this was my client and I prayed with her to receive Jesus into her heart. Other client also prayed with me to give her life to Jesus. She had been such a nasty people to every one in past years. She had tears in eyes after we prayed-she was really touched by presence of God.

Patty W
Florida United States