Matters of the Heart | Sarah Goras Testimony

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The past Sunday was the Operation Raven toy and food distribution attracting over 1300 in attendance at The River at Tampa Bay. The people were invited to come by people at the church and Bible school. Throughout a period of weeks flyers were handed out especially focusing on the church’s local bus routes. So by this outreach and word of mouth many came to The River bringing their kids and loved ones for this event. When the buses came there were many kids running to the buses in excitement about the toy outreach. The parents brought their kids to kids church and the check in process was quick and simple. The kids then were fed the Word and were loved on by the workers. Some kids had a hard time adjusting from being away from their parents but by the end they were involved in the fun and accepting Jesus into their hearts. In the sanctuary with the adults they were filled with the Word and saturated by the presence of God. Pastor Rodney preached the Gospel and many were drawn in by the Holy Ghost to answer the altar call for salvation. There they made Jesus Lord over their lives and allowed Him to come in and fill them with the life changing love of God. Jesus became real to them and they were filled with the joy of knowing they were going to spend eternity in heaven with Him. Next, they were taken to the altar call room and they were prayed for by workers to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. After receiving the fire of God in their lives and a total of over 300 salvations for the entire morning, they took their children to receive their toys and a box of food to bless the family. Everyone went home, happy and changed by the love of God. The bus workers said that they looked totally different and were definitely touched by the events of that day.

Matters of the Heart | Margarita Jones Testimony

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God even did warn them they still insisted that’s what they wanted. The Children of Israel rather follow after a man than to follow God Almighty’s leading, their choice caused them a lot of problems. One wrong decision can bring a lot of pain and heart ache and the anointing of God will lift off of your life.

We’re commanded in the Bible to respect Authorities and Leaders who are over us and that is not a suggestion. However God does want us to have sweet communion with him [relate to him] as our Father and depend on him for divine direction in everything and allowing the Holy Spirit to be our guide. God loves us, men make mistakes but God doesn’t. Men fail, but God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit never fail.

When we stay humble in our hearts and seek God and not a title or ministry God will bring us out in his timing. God wants us to be in relationship with him. In the mean time as we develop our relationship with him he’s doing a work in us that will help us to mortify the deeds of the flesh and, to walk in integrity, and remain faithful to him in where ever we are. Enjoying where you are on the way to where you are going.

We renew our minds daily by reading the Word of God, and affirming it in our lives by declaring it over ourselves. Praying is like a 2 way radio you talk and you listen.

David refused to take matters into his own hands and kill Saul when he had the opportunity, instead be trusted in God to vindicate him. David showed only respect and integrity toward King Saul. King Saul was his enemy and was seeking to kill David. David remained humble in heart and God in his timing vindicated David. When we go through stuff we become stronger if we keep our hearts right, and continue to walk in integrity, even when others would like to see you dead.

Matters of the Heart

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My name is Carlos I have been blessed to be apart of Pastor Rodney’s’ Church and the vision of it.

I was trained and how to minister the gospel effectively and then went into the streets. I ran into a man loading shopping carts in to the back of his truck when I asked Him if anyone has ever told him that Jesus loves him and has a wonderful plan for his life. He quickly pushed me away with vulgar language as he moved with haste to get his work done, but I felt that if I did not push in and make the importance of having Jesus known, then who else would tell him.

I kept reading down the soul winning script and he kept pushing me away. He wasn’t giving me the time of day, or so I thought. As I got to the end of the script and read the lines “ I am saved, I’m born again, I’m forgiven” he stopped in his tracks look at me with a broken heart and repeated the words as I said them. His whole heart had changed as if the Holy Spirit had grabbed his heart and made it new right there on the spot. He told me that no one has ever told him about Jesus and that He was real. The man had tears in his eyes and the once angry face now was draped with joy. So how can a man who had no interest in the Lord whatsoever all of sudden have a change of heart? Its 100% God and none of me, the Lord wants to reach the people but its through us, you and me and that’s why I go. It was Amazing and im so blessed, more than I even know! Thank you Pastor Rodney for letting me be apart of the vision for souls, I look forward to seeing that man again in heaven.

Winter Camp Meeting 2010 | Needra Hawkins Testimony

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This past camp meeting was amazing! Every camp meeting has been life changing, but this particular camp meeting gave me a greater understanding for the anointing and fire of God and what role they play in my everyday life.

When first introduced to the fire of God, I understood that my purpose was to touch the lives of those around me; but it was during this past camp meeting that I came to an even greater understanding, that I am to walk in the fire of God and presence of God throughout my daily life; that the fire of God is here in my life to keep my attitude right; to love others; to be a good wife; to be a friend, etc.

I also noticed that during this camp meeting my attitude was changing (in a good way). My desire to please God began to increase. God began dealing with me about some issues that had been lying dormant and He allowed me to deal with them. When Pastor Rodney said that God told him to get the people under the anointing, I knew that I couldn’t end the week the same way!

It was during camp meeting that the reality of the full time ministry hit me! I know that God has called my husband and me into the ministry, but it was during camp meeting, under the anointing and in the presence of God that God revealed to me the necessity of leading a pure and holy life. It was during this camp meeting that God showed me through this purity and holy life that He has called us to, that lives are going to be changed and touched. I believe I have always known this before, but something special happened during winter camp meeting that made it all wonderfully real to me.

One of the greatest highlights of Winter Camp meeting were the nights we sang songs. It would be around 10:15pm and when you look up, it’s 12:30 or so in the morning! There were many nights that my husband and I were so full of the joy that we would stay up until 2:30 or 3, just talking about the things of God!

Revival truly does change lives. Leaving this camp meeting helped me see, that it doesn’t have to end when the week was done, but Revival can continue to live on the inside of me!