Summer Camp Meeting- Daniel M. Testimony

Worship Soundtracks from RMIRiverSong on Vimeo.

Friday night, a new song came forth.  As Pastor Joel Stockstill took the stage with the Deluge band, he began to press in to a new song in the Spirit and the words “I dream of Zion” began to reverberate through his spirit.  The desire and the cry for eternity in that new heavenly city forever in the presence of the Great King was the voice of his heart.  Zion, heaven coming out of God resting on earth!  The dream of a new day when we will rule and reign with Him forever and live eternally free from constrains of this mortal flesh and this world as we know it today.There is a new day coming and oh how my heart longs for that day.

The dream of heaven must be in our hearts.  Eternity in that new heavenly city must burn within us.Heaven is our hope and home.  We are but foreigners on this earth.  We are here on a mission.  We have been sent as ambassadors of the Gospel, ambassadors of reconciliation.  The Gospel is Good News of Jesus Christ.  This Good News is that Jesus has broken the back of sin and destroyed its power over mankind therefore making heaven our home once again.  Eternal peace!  Eternal refuge!  Eternal rest!  There we will eat freely of the tree of life and drink of from the fountain of living waters that flow from the throne.

Since this night, the reality of eternity has been burning within me.  I must go and tell of this great love. He wants you to go and tell of this great hope.  Go and tell of this eternal freedom.  Seconds remain on the clock of human history of mortal man.  The time is now to with an urgency like never before to compel the lost and dying to come into the Kingdom!  We must go and tell!  They will listen! (Acts 28:28)