Rodney Howard Browne – Marek P. Testimony

At beginning of the GAT  I  was afraid that it will be too much for me… RBI school , Ministry of helps, and services at every night. Very soon I realized that  all we are on this same page. Day after day testimony after testimony, and service after service. I started be  more encourage according to the vision that Pastor Rodney has. I am very honest and I believe that in my opinion I am not alone. But what I see right now? I see a new faces in the church, everyday call center is receiving  more and more phones.

This is a living testimony how the Holy Spirit is moving in the River Church ,in Tampa, in the USA and all around the world. I believe that it is a global movement  of the Holy Ghost power ad God’s presence. Personally I am more hungry and thirsty of the things of God. I deeply believe for  breakthrough in my life. To get it I must be more persistent to the things of God, I want attend to services as much as I can and I have a huge expectations of the things that God has for me. I want it all , because I see right now after only a few meetings people’s life changed. He taught me that the touch of God, His presence and people are not this same. They are saved, healed and set free . Can’t wait to see more!-Marek P.

Minister of the Gospel – Rodney Howard Browne

This Great Awakening Tours has been a phenomenal time for my development as a minister of the Gospel. I have been placed in positions where I am utilizing my gifts and talents for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God. One of the greatest things that sticks out to me is that this reminds me of the Book of Acts when it referred to disciples worshipping daily in the temple.The midst of their daily worship, while they were out in their normal day of living, signs and wonders would occur. I think about the lame man at the gate called Beautiful, how he was supernaturally restored and the same thing is taking place here in Tampa, Fl. We are worshipping daily in the Temple of God and going out on the streets and seeing signs and wonders take place. Just yesterday, I was on an outreach in the city in the downtown area together withwhere I met a homeless man, or at least he appeared to be homeless. I shared the Gospel with him along with 6 others; they all said the prayer of salvation. After the prayer the gentleman named “Harold” asked me to prayer for him, because he had been in pain for many years and wanted to be set free. I laid my hand up him and commanded him to be healed in the name of Jesus. I left to witness to someone else and you would have thought that no healing took place. But soon thereafter, “Harold” came running after me in excitement and joy declaring that he was healed by the power of God. He stated that “miracles are real”!-John H.