Rodney Howard Browne – Michael D. Testimony

April of this year my wife, Jen and I were called separately to come to Bible school.  This call was supernatural because one year prior I felt the call in my spirit to come to school but my wife was not in agreement.  Then in April after working on the farm and listening to one of Pastor Rodney’s messages, I was again stirred in my spirit to come to Bible school to get trained up in the things of God.  I was so overwhelmed by this that after completing my work I went in the house and told Jen that I needed to tell her something.  After sharing with her how I felt the Lord had spoke to me again about coming to Bible school, she began laughing.  I asked her what was so funny, and she told me that the night before while watching the Great Awakening on CTN she felt the overwhelming call to come to Bible school.  Jen purposely didn’t say anything because she was scared and also because she knew that if it was of God that He would confirm His Word to her, and he did through me.

Supernatural things had to move out of the way for us to be able to leave the speeding locomotion of life that we were responsible for.  Upon arriving here in Tampa, all of our needs were provided for and then revival started.  My supernatural experience started the day Pastor Rodney Skyped in from the Republic of Namibia (I believe that’s where he was).  While Pastor Rodney was telling us about how the Chinese and the Muslims were colonizing Africa, my heart started to stir.  Then he began to speak about the hunger and desperation of the African people to know God, my heart stirred even more.  At the end of the Skype call Pastor take the hands of our neighbors and lift them in prayer.  As he started to pray, the fire of God hit me hotter then I’ve ever experienced it, from my head and thru my entire body.  I started weeping uncontrollably and could not stop.