David Testimony

Christianity, to me, was just going to church on Sunday mornings and attending a youth group event whenever there was one.  I never really understood the true meaning of having a relationship with Jesus Christ because I thought that since I was going to church that it was my ticket to heaven. I had a Bible but I didn’t read it and I only prayed when the pastor told us to bow our heads and close our eyes.  I kept being told the Word of God was my manual and that it would help guide me throughout my life.  It was true! The point came where I finally realized that I truly needed to get closer to Jesus. I had been lukewarm.

My Sundays and Wednesdays were for church but the other five days of the week I gave to the world.  Once I realized that I had hit a low suddenly I wasn’t influenced by the party scene anymore.  I got on my knees and humbled myself before God. I started to read the Word little by little and before I knew it I couldn’t go a day without reading it.  My whole character began to change.  I was no longer angry, I began to choose my words carefully and my friends were beginning to notice a change in me.  I feel in my spirit that I have a close relationship with God now and I finally understand what being a true Christian is all about.