Donna Testimony

I took the task of organizing and cleaning the hospitality warehouse.  It is much more involved than it sounds, but I have discovered is that I have been previously trained for this very time.  I worked many jobs in my life and given various responsibilities in management, supervision, inventory control, manufacturing and much more.  I’m now able to use these skills for ministry.  There are times I ask myself, can I keep up this pace that is expected of me?  Much to my surprise I can say yes, the Lord has given me his grace and I’m actually able to handle the longer hours that are required.  As I press in to what God has for me I find a renewed reliance in the Holy Spirit to show me how and what to do, and that has kept me going.   When the day starts I think, I’ve got it all worked out, then BOOM!  It is not that way at all, everything changes.  It’s during these times that I have learned so much by watching my department manager.  She will shift gears with a smile and proceed as if nothing happened unexpectedly.  I want to follow her example.  Our department is very physical with serving, shopping, cooking, cleaning, organizing, and planning events.  All we do affects many people and our ability to do it well can make the difference to those we serve.  I’m being stretched beyond my original comfort zone, but as I step out to do my assignments I see Gods grace working in me. I’m committed to just submit to the process and learn all I can.  I take serving others very seriously; I can make the event relaxing, enjoyable or frustrating.  Any unmet expectations would be in how I feel about my own abilities to do my job well.

Denise Testimony

Internship is such a great opportunity to really be instructed by God on how to trust Him COMPLETELY, no matter what the situation is. I’ve learned to spend time in prayer everyday; making my request known to Him and laying my burdens at His feet.  I have seen dramatic results since I have learned to walk by faith.  The Holy Spirit has been my guide, comforter and helper.  The world around me may seem a big mess at times, but I can still smile and be confident because I know God has come through for me time and time again and He will continue to show Himself strong in my life.

My life continues to be a testimony to those around me that no matter what the situation; God is at work and He works everything out for our good just as His word says.  I’m excited to see what the Lord is going to do through this entire experience!