Testimony by Alexis A.

The most valuable thing God has spoken to me thus far in internship is to be faithful.
The bible says in proverbs 28:20a that “a faithful man shall abound with blessings”. Faithfulness is very important in ministry. Faith unlocks the blessings and walking in it pours it out.
What does faithful mean? Loyal , constant, reliable.
I want God to know He can always count on me to get the job done , in excellence, with the right heart, and operating under the anointing of the precious Holy Spirit.
The Joy of The Lord fills my heart to think just for being faithful to such a faithful God , He rewards me with abounding blessings .
Abounding means overflow and blessings means God’s favor and protection.
So Alexis consistency shall cause her to overflow with God’s favor in protection.
Thank you Jesus!
A faithful Alexis shall abound in blessings , in Jesus name.