David Testimony

To be honest, this month for me has been a little difficult.  But through the grace of God, I have made it this far.  So for me, the Lord has been keeping me focused on achieving my goals of finishing internship.  I tell you, you really have to keep your heart right; it makes things a lot easier.  I have to keep my heart right, no matter what goes on throughout the day.  The Lord has been keeping gas in my car even when I’m not working.  The Lord is so good! Even when you’re not in the best attitude he still blesses you.  The Lord has helped me to not stay upset at fellow interns that I work with.  I tell you offense when you really think about it, is pride.  Because all you have to do is forgive and let go.  Now there are times where that can be really difficult.  For the most part it’s pity that you can just ignore and forgive.  Because if Jesus being beaten, mocked, and accused of doing something he didn’t do, and say father forgive them for they know not what they do,  we can forgive things our brothers and sisters do to us at times.  So those offenses you have to cast out.  You can allow little pity things to get you out of the will of God by not dealing with them when they’re in our faces.  That’s what the Lord has done for me this month.


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