Rodney Howard Browne – David L. Testimony

This week during the broadcast was incredible! I was actually unable to make it for one of the nights because I had to work. While leaving work I had the opportunity to lead one of my coworkers to the Lord, and also pray for them to be healed of a cold. When I arrived home I was really fired up so I turned on the broadcast via and saw Pastor Jennifer talking about going to the next level. Her words were exactly what I needed to hear. I want to press in for more. I immediately changed out of my work clothes and asked my friend to drive to the River so I could work in the call center. Being in the call center is awesome; the people that call in are so hungry for God. I got to pray for salvations, healings, and baptisms in the Holy Ghost. All that stuff is great, but what’s even cooler is when you’re praying for people the presence of God is all over you. I was hungry for God before, now I’m even hungrier! Thank you Jesus!

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