Rodney Howard Browne – Eugene S. Testimony

This is the 5th week of the meetings… The Great Awakening Tours!!! We are in the middle of the greatest move of God! And yet it is only but the start of what God is doing… Winter Camp meeting just finished Sunday night and it changed my life!!! From the inside out… The touch of God is so awesome and Jesus touches you for a reason, a purpose!

Something happens when you get touched with the fire, like pastor says, you don’t “think” you got touched by God… YOU KNOW WHEN GOD TOUCHES YOU… just like you would KNOW when a elephant tramps on you… You don’t “think” YOU KNOW… And God touched me these last couple of weeks… Since the great awakening started, I can’t walk around seeing people the same! We were at the manatee viewing center the other day, and I was getting little Ellie’s bag in the truck and I was walking seeing people and was trying to contain myself… I could see them as lost in need of a Savior an I have the answer… We have the answer… And at the end I couldn’t contain it any longer… We were in a room, me and Caleb and I told him I have to tell them… There were about 20 to 25 people in the room and I just stopped everybody in there and yelled out: “can I get everybody’s attention” and the whole place stopped and I went through the gospel soul winning script!!! I am not sure how many prayed with me… It was just so awesome!!!

Saturday we went out soul-winning and I prayed for this elderly man that had back surgery and he couldn’t bend over without falling… I prayed with him and he received Jesus into his heart and I asked him if he believes that Jesus can heal him… He said yes, so I laid my hands upon him like Jesus told us to do… This man was in pain and when I laid my hands on him the pain left! he bent over without falling TOTALLY HEALED!!! he was overwhelmed and praised the Lord! Then I asked him if he had received the Holy Ghost and evidence of speaking in other tongues and he said no… So I prayed with him and he received the Holy Ghost an started speaking in other tongues like a river flowing out of his mouth!!! He went on walking healed saved and filled with the Holy Ghost! Saying: “I’m coming to this church” it was just awesome and an honor to see Gods power manifested right there!!! –

Yesterday I was taking a bike ride and I spoke to 2 people that was walking down the road and both of them prayed with me an received Jesus in their hearts!!!

I’m saying if God touches you, YOU CAN NOT BE THE SAME AGAIN!!! you know when he has touched you… YOUR MOUTH WILL SPEAK!!!! IT’S MORE THAN ANOTHER SERVICE IT’S OUT THERE!!! How will they know UNLESS WE TELL THEM?! WE HAVE TO WE HAVE TO WE HAVE TO!!!! We need to get off of our blessed assurance and DO SOMETHING!!! It’s time to gather the harvest!!! -Eugene S.

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