Rodney Howard Browne – Hicran M. Testimony

Being here in the Bible school sometimes feels like being in another planet. Because it is easier to be Christian in this environment. At the same time we are being transformed daily as we grow in the things of God.

As I watch my heart and the motives behind my thoughts, listen to the Holy Spirit, God is pointing things to me. I need to grow more in knowing Him as my Father and let Him Father me.

Today as i was starting to work at the nursery as part of my work study, we watched one of (Rob Bell) Nooma’s d.v.d to start out with devotion. In the d.v.d he was talking about how the bowl in their kitchen table was full of junk such as, little pieces of metal, ball, coins, shoe laces ext. Telling how once he found a little ball in the bowl then asked around the household and nobody in the house knew where that ball came from. Sometimes I pick up things from here and there and then without questioning it for whatever reason, I kind of own them and keep them somewhere in my mind even in my heart. I need to remind myself constantly to think noble, godly and honest things. Also think things that would build others. So that junk thoughts won’t wonder around my thought life. It means to do some cleaning often. The d.v.d was also talking about not hiding our junk from God because He wants us to trust Him and nothing even the worst we could imagine will not make Him love us any less then before. Our God is wonderful….-Hicran M.

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