Rodney Howard Browne – Jennifer D. Testimony

The revealing of my Husbands past sins leaving my marriage and myself completely and utterly broken.  I made the decision to forgive as He forgave.  But I was still left with the insecurity, distrust, anger, bitterness, and so much more.  The pain of a broken heart and covenant.  I wanted it all gone, but I didn’t or couldn’t let it go.  The first week the Lord began careful intensive surgery.  He took away my broken heart all of it!!!  Praise the Lord, thank you Jesus!  He didn’t stop there I was lead in the spirit to sow some of my most personal sentimental belongings one of them being my wedding ring.  I struggled for three days, thinking it can’t be.

But every morning I felt the pull, the tug to do so.  That day as worship was taking place; I had to leave for the lobby I wanted to leave, to go home, my flesh cried out its too hard.  I spoke but Lord this is a symbol of my marriage it precious. Then I heard very clearly yes, it’s a symbol of an old broken covenant.  That day as the offering took place I told my husband and I sowed it.  That was the day something broke in me.  As worship took place and Pastor Todd prayed I was on my knees in front of the stage.  As I pressed in, I desperately wanted to receive.  But I kept telling him I wanted it to be real not something I could do or understand.

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