Rodney Howard Browne – Justin M. Testimony

Since my arrival at RBI, I have had the Lord do some awesome things in my life. According to, during the first week of class when Pastor Rodney was speaking to us via Skype, he began to pray over us asking that the fire of God would fall.  Immediately my body started shaking and I began to cry and weep as I felt the power of God.  While this was happening I heard God say very loudly, “Shake nations”, “Shake nations”.  It was so powerful; it was as if I felt the voice of God even in my bones.  It shook me.  A couple of days later when Pastor Daniel was preaching during the RBI revival week, the fire of God was falling on everyone again.  And I heard God say, “I’m sending you to the nations”.

Again I began to weep and cry and I was beside myself.  Another powerful moment I had was when pastor Adonica was sharing her testimony about when she got the joy.  After she gave her testimony, she was laying hands on all the students and when she prayed for me, the joy of the Lord exploded on the inside of me.  I had a breakthrough in that area of my life, because I had allowed circumstances to rob me and steal my joy.

I have also received another breakthrough in the area of giving.  My wife and I had sewn almost everything we have and God still keeps providing for us.  We sewed our wedding rings on a Sunday morning and when my wife got back to her seat a lady gave her a ring with diamonds across the top of it.  There is so much more could say.  To God be the glory.

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