Rodney Howard Browne – Kait T. Testimony

Wow!!  “This is only the beginning.” Is all I hear Him saying, and it’s overwhelming something I can’t even fathom, His love, His purpose, His dreams, and His vision for me. I have found myself at His feet multiple times since being here at River Bible Institute. I don’t even know how to explain the pure love I feel for the first time. I do know though, it’s real, without a doubt and like nothing I have ever felt, a deep intimate love of a Father, for me. He is restoring our relationship and my heart, showing me He was close to me through it all. I’ve just never ever felt so worthy and loved. I am more than enough, I am pure in Him.

Since here I have been living by complete Faith and it is exciting, just learning and allowing Him to be my all I depend on, my provider. I am in awe. I’m having trouble just explaining this feeling in my heart, even as I type this, but I just know it’s Him (the fire of God). God is relentless, and when He wanted all of me, He wanted every part of my life. And when I said yes, to the call, and got on a plane in complete faith, in my spirit I felt Him saying “Kaitlyn, you better get ready! Cause I’m about to move in your life.” I just see and feel Him shifting my life back in alignment with His. He knew what I was getting into! Hahaa, and I can’t stop saying YES, and expecting!! It’s no longer my watch I run on; I’m on God’s time.  Kait T.

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