Rodney Howard Browne – Marek P. Testimony

At beginning of the GAT  I  was afraid that it will be too much for me… RBI school , Ministry of helps, and services at every night. Very soon I realized that  all we are on this same page. Day after day testimony after testimony, and service after service. I started be  more encourage according to the vision that Pastor Rodney has. I am very honest and I believe that in my opinion I am not alone. But what I see right now? I see a new faces in the church, everyday call center is receiving  more and more phones.

This is a living testimony how the Holy Spirit is moving in the River Church ,in Tampa, in the USA and all around the world. I believe that it is a global movement  of the Holy Ghost power ad God’s presence. Personally I am more hungry and thirsty of the things of God. I deeply believe for  breakthrough in my life. To get it I must be more persistent to the things of God, I want attend to services as much as I can and I have a huge expectations of the things that God has for me. I want it all , because I see right now after only a few meetings people’s life changed. He taught me that the touch of God, His presence and people are not this same. They are saved, healed and set free . Can’t wait to see more!-Marek P.

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